воскресенье, 17 октября 2010 г.

Still working

Hey guys.
Sorry for the delay. I faced some problems while making my tool.
The main problem is auto-patching executable file when converting PSP game to PS3 format.

But I think I will solve this problem very soon.

Stay tuned.

среда, 22 сентября 2010 г.

Second video and more news

OK guys, I've been working on my tool all these days so there were no news.
Today I've made a second video of launching PSP game on the PS3. This time it's in HD.
Some people didn't believe me 'cause they didn't see a file structure of the game.

Also some guys notices that it was strange size of PSP game - there were some extra unneeded files which I forgot to detete. Didn't think people will explore every frame.

 So this video demonstrates Assassin's Creed Bloodlines launching on the PS3. It's one of the best titles on the PSP and that's my one of the favorite game series.


I showed you every folder in root directory of the game so you can clearly see what's on the HDD and what a game folder contains.
Also, as you may notices, I fixed a sound problem so there is in-game sound now. Loadings became much faster than on PSP itself.

In my next videos I'll be showing you my program "in action", after I will finish my tool, some beta testers will be needed. After that I will release a tool which will be compatible with EVERY PSP game.

Also I'm working on PSP homebrew compatibility on the PS3. There are some difficulties, but I'll manage to succeed I think. So I think soon I will be able to show you PSP homebrew launching on the PS3.

Stay tuned.

воскресенье, 19 сентября 2010 г.

Next week some new videos

Maybe it seems like a fake, yeah.
But I'm gonna prove it's not. Next week there'll be some new videos.

I'm planning to enable PSP homebrew on PS3 support either. So any PSP homebrew will be working on the PS3.

I have some progress with my tool and next week I'll post a video of my tool. A bit later selected users will be invited on beta test of my tool.

Stay tuned.

PSP games on the PS3 can be launched: proofs

Yesterday I announced a tool which I'm currently working on which allows to convert PSP game ISOs to PS3 compatible format.



But some folks came and said that it's probably a fake.

I understand guys, it's hard to believe, but remember jailbreak, when everyone claimed that it's fake.

OK, I'm gonna post some more proofs next week.

And I'm currently working on PSP homebrew compatibility on the PS3.

Hope the first release of my tool will support both games and homebrew compatibility.

Stay tuned.