среда, 22 сентября 2010 г.

Second video and more news

OK guys, I've been working on my tool all these days so there were no news.
Today I've made a second video of launching PSP game on the PS3. This time it's in HD.
Some people didn't believe me 'cause they didn't see a file structure of the game.

Also some guys notices that it was strange size of PSP game - there were some extra unneeded files which I forgot to detete. Didn't think people will explore every frame.

 So this video demonstrates Assassin's Creed Bloodlines launching on the PS3. It's one of the best titles on the PSP and that's my one of the favorite game series.


I showed you every folder in root directory of the game so you can clearly see what's on the HDD and what a game folder contains.
Also, as you may notices, I fixed a sound problem so there is in-game sound now. Loadings became much faster than on PSP itself.

In my next videos I'll be showing you my program "in action", after I will finish my tool, some beta testers will be needed. After that I will release a tool which will be compatible with EVERY PSP game.

Also I'm working on PSP homebrew compatibility on the PS3. There are some difficulties, but I'll manage to succeed I think. So I think soon I will be able to show you PSP homebrew launching on the PS3.

Stay tuned.

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  1. Will you release this as source? Will you document the feature? Will you make a linux/unix command line tool of your exploration?

    Is it possible to do the same for PS1 and PS2 games?

  2. argelys.abreu@gmail.com will like to be ur betta tester

  3. count on me for beta testing: marques0 at gmail.com
    thanks and congratulations!

  4. Этот комментарий был удален автором.

  5. gameboynumberone@gmail.com is beta tester potential too.

  6. тоже хотел бы потестить конвертер.

  7. http://nikita600.blogspot.com/
    Попрошу посетить мой блог, прочитать последнюю статейку и оценить сей метод, ибо самому интересно работает эта штука или нет :)

  8. не работает, твоя тупая бошка решила сделать мануал, не проверив его

  9. could be possible that i become Beta tester?
    let me know

  10. Для начала научись хорошим манерам, а потом читать и писать. В конце мануала русским языком написано: "У меня нет PS3 => я не могу проверить этот метод.". С нетерпением жду подтверждений с вашей стороны, уважаемый.

  11. I would like to be a beta TESTER.

    My email is deathhack1@gmail.com
    the name is iZac!

  12. hey amigo!!! good job my friend!!
    if you need beta tester...please tell me something!
    thanks for your time!!!


  13. Hi man !
    Nice work here !

    Maybe would you like another Beta Tester ? I'm from France and have a lot a PSP Games to test !

    Here's my email address : lq_aka_kyo@hotmail.com

    I see a lot of people wanted to be Beta Tester ... so feel free ... anyway good job ! :)

  14. Good Job my friend!
    I´m From Brazil, and i like become a beta tester too...

    Good see u again!

  15. Great job mate
    wonder if i could be a beta tester..
    Have alot of psp games
    Thank you

  16. Короче, Вовочка не выпендривайся. Ты ничего не сделал, ты только выпросил(купил) альфу или бетку программки, которую написал dimmudroid. Вот пруфлинки: http://psgroove.com/?p=610

  17. Well ... I've seen the Nikita's Blog ... I have tested that method ... and like other just got the "eboot.bin is not valid" error.

    Anyway thanks Nikita for the try ...

    @SuperGamer : Man, first I was really happy to see a Russian guy in the front of the scene ... sounds like it's been a while we don't see Russian guys ... when they're wasn't the last some years ago ... (I just remember in 1990 years ...)
    Well, now, I've read a lot of thing about you ... Seeems like you are famous in Russian, right ... But not for what we were thinking ...

    So SuperGamer : Please make a real proof of what you are doing ... I think the better way is a beta release ! No matter if it's not perfect ! Many programs are released in Beta version ...

    I really hope that what you show us is real ! And I hope that you will have a better reputation after that ... but well ... now I doubt ! :(

  18. I can make a Beta tester.
    pls write me at gamer_tobi94@web.de
    yes i´m a german.

    Sorry for my bad english.

  19. Dude, release a demo game http://pspdemo.org/ fixed to work in our ps3, so nobody will doubt anymore!

  20. pls clean your room for the next Video =)
    And pls release The Beta for all =D

  21. nothing new ? :/ no espero una version beta ni nada por el estilo,solamente señales de vida (signals life)

  22. So when we're going to see something new? Is this that hard to approve? Can't you give us a hint on how you managed to run PSP games on the PS3?

    Sposibo! :)

  23. Any good news?
    Remember that you could also share what you have made since September 2010 to let others programmers help you :-)!

  24. I want to be a tester:
    Sorry for my bad English, I am Vietnamese